Assignments for weeks 3, 4 , and 5

The following assignments are included in your packets for this week.  Please spend some time every day working on them.  We would like you to spend a minimum of 60 minutes a day working on the assignments, but no more than 120 minutes a day.​

- ​​Packets for weeks 3, 4, and 5 
- Week 3 assignments are due on May 1st​
- Week 4 assignments are due on May 8th (Remember to send video or picture of science and social studies        projects by Friday, May 8th!)
-  Week 5 - Finish all assignments!  Zoom meeting on May 12 to share Science and Social studies projects​​

​​​​​Please remember to take a picture of the completed worksheets that are stamped "sign and return" and either email or send the picture to my phone 618-967-4989 to get credit for this week's work.  I miss you all and stay healthy!